About Cara

From owning a property development company and building digital platforms to excelling at design and décor, Cara is a lateral thinker and creative at heart who lives to transform everyday events into unforgettable occasions. A devoted wife and mother of three, Cara is just as passionate about homemaking as she is about making the most of professional challenges. 

One of the key reasons she created Cara & Co was to collaborate with like-minded individuals to achieve a greater goal. In this blog she also promotes the talent and expertise of her ever-growing network of interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers. And for those seeking Cara’s input or advice on personal projects, Cara & Co is the place to commission her bespoke services as Creative Consultant.

The Stellenbosch Mom’s stamp of approval

  • It’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly
    For example, the restaurant, café or getaway uses ethically-farmed produce, aims to reduce its carbon footprint, recycles and applies farm-to-table principles.
  • It’s safe for children
    There are child-friendly amenities or entertainment on the premises and parents can see their children on the playground.
  • It’s socially responsible
    The business uplifts the local community, supports local artisans and uses locally-sourced produce.
  • It’s soulful
    There’s just something about it – you can feel the love when you’re there and really experience the staff’s dedication through their personal service.
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