About Cara

Cara is a devoted wife and mother of three who is passionate about homemaking and transforming everyday events into unforgettable occasions.

While heading up a property development company, Cara fulfils her creative side by working with like minded luxury homeware, fashion and beauty brands, creating beautifully crafted content and strategic, results-driven campaigns.  

The Stellenbosch Mom’s stamp of approval

  • It’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly
    For example, the restaurant, café or getaway uses ethically-farmed produce, aims to reduce its carbon footprint, recycles and applies farm-to-table principles.
  • It’s safe for children
    There are child-friendly amenities or entertainment on the premises and parents can see their children on the playground.
  • It’s socially responsible
    The business uplifts the local community, supports local artisans and uses locally-sourced produce.
  • It’s soulful
    There’s just something about it – you can feel the love when you’re there and really experience the staff’s dedication through their personal service.
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