A Tribute To Stellenbosch

A Tribute To Stellenbosch

Since the moment I moved to Stellenbosch 7 years ago I’ve had an incredible fascination with this town. I never thought I would have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place, nor have the opportunity to raise my children here.

As we embark on a new journey I wanted to pay a tribute to this town and it’s people by saying thank you to each and every one who played a part in making this chapter in our lives so very special. I am also bidding farewell to The Stellenbosch Mom brand and will always look back at TSM as a time of learning and growth, finding things I love and letting go of things I loathe, getting to understand a community and adapting to a different lifestyle.

Thank you to everyone who went through the changes with me and who chose to get to know me better, I am forever grateful for the friends I made through this platform and the lessons I learned through the years. Your feedback has been very helpful and I wish you all success on your journeys too!

Should there be an ambitious entrepreneur and business woman out there who would be interested in taking over The Stellenbosch Mom brand please reach out to me as there are many wonderful opportunities in the pipeline. And for those who would like to keep following our adventures, you are welcome to support us here:

@heerenhuijs for all things property development, home & interior related

@bycaraandco for all things creative and curated content related

@maeinthemothercity for all things MAE!

Thank you again, and au revoir!

Love always,


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