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A special guest joined our Friendraising event

Our Friendraising event for Hagar’s Choice took place recently and what a beautiful morning it was. Not only did we have the most wonderful time with the Hagar’s Choice family, but we also got to spend the day with a group of incredible women, one of whom was also our guest speaker, Lizanne du Plessis.

Lizanne, a Durbanville-based occupational therapist and mom, is a specialist in parent-child relationships and has counselled thousands of families during her career.

As a mom herself, Lizanne understands how difficult it can be to transform the dynamics of a family, so she bases her approach on academics and her own experiences. She has a degree in Occupational Therapy and has worked both abroad and in South Africa, collecting over 20 years of experience along the way.

In her practice, Lizanne sees infants and children between one and five-years-old, but her special interest lies in treating sensitive and anxious children, especially little girls. She feels passionate about empowering parents and her work has enabled many of them to discover and understand their child’s true nature, support their development, manage daily challenges at home and build stronger relationships.

Lizanne is very used to running workshops and addressing the public. At our event, we experienced her talents first-hand, where she first shared her personal story and then explained how we as parents can connect better with our children to stimulate their brains, minimise challenging behaviour and improve our relationships with them.

What I love about Lizanne’s approach is her kindness towards the modern parent. She understands that 21st century parents face a multiple of new challenges that hinder our relationships with our children. And as she mentions, “we’re under pressure to be more and do more than we can achieve in a day and often project the same kind of expectations onto our kids.”

It’s so empowering to work with her too, because she explains that “parenthood” isn’t necessarily a skill that comes naturally to everyone and that our motherly instincts don’t always kick in by themselves. Sometimes, all we need is a bit of guidance, and who better to get it from than an experienced academic, therapist and mother?

Get your hands on Lizannes book, “Raising Happy Children: The Key to a Calm, Connected Child” or her second book, “Speel-Speel jou kind so slim en oulik” which has just been released. You can also tune in to Radio Tygerberg and RSG where Lizanne often shares her knowledge, or grab the latest Baba & Kleuter or Finesse for which she’s often a contributor.

I’m so grateful to have met Lizanne and experience her authentic approach to motherhood, if you want to know more about this kind and warm-hearted lady then visit her website at

If you would like to order her books, you can find it here:


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