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A Princess Party At Weltevreden

A princess party at Weltevreden

When our little princess turned three we knew we had to do something for her birthday that would keep her and her toddler friends (plus brothers and sisters) entertained and happy.  It was really a no-brainer to hold the “big three” party at Weltevreden Estate where she loves to play…  And what child does not love to play on the huge jungle gyms at Weltevreden?


The booking was made and then the real fun started with us having to decide on a theme. We have always called her our little princess and that she truly is. She loves nothing more than to putting on her tutu princess skirt and twirling around the room to music.  So, princess-themed party it was.

With party packs and drinks (slush puppies) all sorted by Weltevreden as part of the party package the birthday cake soon became the next big stress factor.  I decided on a princess pull-apart cupcake cake. The name is a mouth-full, I know! Basically, it’s a birthday cake made from cupcakes. Cupcake cakes are perfect for outdoor parties – no cutlery is required and the children can each take a cupcake by hand to eat.  Really easy, I promise.

Grandma soon got on board with our princess theme and offered to sew a little tutu for each girl attending the party. On the day the birthday girl got a real princess crown and I picked up a packet of cardboard crowns at Crazy Store for the rest of her friends.

The party

Here is how our royal princess party turned out:

princess party packs

* Party packs by Weltevreden. Crowns and tutus by ourselves as part of the decor.

One princess pull-apart cupcake cake…

princess cake

(After searching high and low on Google on how to exactly create this cake I had to make do with bits and pieces from articles and how-to’s from all over.  I have  in the mean time decided to write a tutorial with tips and tricks on how to create the perfect princess pull-apart cupcake cake that you can read here. )

The children had a ball of time making their own pizzas and playing on the jungle gyms… 🙂

For throwing a party at Weltevreden, contact them on their website. Party packages are all R 100 per child (Jan 2015 prices).  All three party packages include a kiddies meal, slush puppy and party pack filled with a lollipop, fizzer and niknaks chips at the time this article was published.  You can choose a kiddies meal of either build-your-own-pizza, a burger and fries or chicken strips and fries. We took the build-a-pizza option for our princess party and it was definitely worth it, seeing how much the kids enjoyed putting toppings on their own (hawaian or mageritha) pizza’s

For up-to-date info, please contact the venue.  The birthday cake is not included but you are allowed to bring in one cake. Decor is also entirely up to you.

Some tips for throwing a birthday party at Weltevreden:

  • Book in advance!
  • Our party was on a Friday afternoon and it was great having the place almost all to ourselves. Weekends are busy at the play park and I suggest a weekday party if possible.
  • Weltevreden has really invested in shaded canopies to provide shade for the kiddo’s, but it is a good idea to pack sunscreen and hats for hot days.
  • The build-your-own-pizza party package is fun for the kids as they take part in creating their own meal and it keeps them busy.  (A good way to take a break in-between all the running around and playing.)
  • Have fun decorating the tables…. 🙂


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  1. Hi Stellenboschmom,

    Thank you for such a great blog, we have found it so helpful in planning our trip to the W.Cape with our young children.

    We really loved the look of Weltevreden and Lekke Neh from the inital blog post you did, and again in this blog post it looks amazing…however….

    There are a worryingly high number of very bad reviews on trip advisor for Lekke Neh which has put us right off going. These are usually in regard to the very poor (non existant) service.

    Can you let us know if you have ever experienced this?

    Usually I take tripadvisor reviews with a pinch of salt, however there are so many bad reviews it is hard to ignore.

    Many Thanks,


    1. Hi Lee. I am exactly like you and also use tripadvisor when planning on visiting new spots. On Lekke Neh, my friends and I visit Weltevreden A LOT!! The kids love it there and its the biggest playpark in Stellenbosch itself. That said, I usually go on weekdays with my kids. The place is pretty packed over weekends. So to answer your question: I havent had a problem with no service and suspect the problems described in the bad reviews might have been on weekends? If you are on holiday I recommend you go in the week.


      1. I will, however, let weltevreden know about the bad reviews on tripadvisor and ask them to take this matter up.

        1. Thank you for your reply, it is very reassuring to hear your positive remarks.
          We will be on holiday from Ireland and will be visiting midweek, so hopefully we will not experience any problems.

          Please do let them know about the bad reviews as it is very off putting for tourists. With so much to choose from in the winelands area, these tripadvisor reviews would make any tourist who read them go elsewhere.

          Many thanks again for your help,


          1. I hope you have a lovely holiday! Do not hesitate to email me if you want some suggestions… I can only make suggestions once I know what your needs are: fine dining, wine tasting etc

  2. Hi! Thanks for the great blog – do you know if they offer any options for winter parties? Looking for a venue for my girl’s 1st birthday party, smack-bang in the middle of winter.

    1. Nicola,

      Not that I am aware of. If you are lucky and there is no rain on the day you should be fine. They do have LOTS of canopies to keep out rain and sunshine but if it’s cold, it’s cold outside. Delvera may have some under-roof party venues – not sure how suitable for a 1 year old though. Bugz (not in Stellenbosch but close) has a very nice indoor play area as well as some terrific indoor party spaces if you don’t mind the distance. My latest post on Bugz is on the Home page.

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