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A list of restaurants with playrooms for the wet months!


I have often wondered where to eat out with the kids if it is raining in Stellies… With the many rainy days in winter we can’t possible stay inside every rainy day. So, I have started to compile a list of restaurants in and around Stellenbosch that have a playroom where the kids can play inside. So if you ever want to go somewhere on a cold and wet winter’s day try any of these restaurants.

(When I started this list I was acutely aware of how short it is. Why don’t more restaurants have an indoor play area for kids? I will definitely update this list as I discover more venues with playrooms.)

Restaurants in and near Stellenbosch with playrooms:

And finally, Tokara’s Delicatessen doesn’t have a playroom but the deli becomes one huge play area for toddlers with toy boxes in front of the fire place and children books on the lower shelves of their bookcase.

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