A journey, and an invitation, into a world of refined entrepreneurship

A journey, and an invitation, into a world of refined entrepreneurship

Anyone who has had the joy of visiting Stellenbosch could attest to the gentle magic of its ancient oaks and historic buildings. Many dreams have been born here. For me, that dream was to curate a space that embodied elegance, luxury, and timeless beauty. Through The Stellenbosch Mom platform, this vision turned into a reality. 

To channel one’s passion into creating something of beauty and value also means choosing the road less travelled. To me, this has been a journey of growth, and it’s been profoundly rewarding to watch The Stellenbosch Mom brand take on a life of her own with every new post, campaign and collaboration. Now, a decade since The Stellenbosch was launched, she’s made her way into readers’ hearts and minds, both as a trusted friend and a the go-to resource for all things elegant. 

As with all beautiful stories, there are bound to be moments of transformation. Today, I celebrate not just the legacy of The Stellenbosch Mom – but also the birth of a new chapter.

Dear community…

Our journey together has been nothing short of extraordinary. Every story, every shared moment, every brand we’ve partnered with to create unforgettable experiences – they’ve all added threads to the fabric of this cherished platform. And now, it’s time for a new visionary to take the reins.

The Stellenbosch Mom is available for purchase, offering a new maverick the chance to enter a world of refined entrepreneurship. The prestigious name, curated branding, and limitless potential await. If you’re ready to share your niche with the world, this platform is your canvas.

Those of you who have followed The Stellenbosch Mom know that it isn’t just a platform; it’s an ecosystem. With a built-in e-commerce shop, your dreams of selling bespoke creations, from bakery delights to custom clothing, can blossom beautifully. From online publications to becoming a hub for Winelands activities, the digital world is your oyster.

I would like to invite you to imagine the fusion of your vision with the legacy of The Stellenbosch Mom – and to consider it your key to creating something unparalleled. Embrace it, shape it, and let the future unravel its tales.

If you’re ready to explore this opportunity, join the legacy of success and tap into your potential – click the link hhttps://thestellenboschmom.com/contact-us/ere.

Here’s to new beginnings, endless opportunities, and stories yet to be told. The Stellenbosch Mom awaits its new curator. Will it be you?



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