The Stellenbosch Mom started out as a humble blog with me, a full-time mom, recording all the child-friendly places our family visited. The blog was really born out of a deep frustration of not knowing where to find child-friendly places to go shopping, eat out, do wine tasting and have coffee near the place where I live: the lovely town of Stellenbosch.

I pretty soon realised that this is not a run-of-the-mill “mommy blog” as the posts did not feature any details of my life as a mom or that of my family’s. It was simply a couple of articles on child-friendly spots in my area. Today I see The Stellenbosch Mom as a niche “mommy magazine” highlighting child-friendly PLACES + ACTIVITIES to do with kids. All the articles are written by moms because only a mom knows what other moms are looking for when they are searching for child-friendly places, kids party venues or baby shower venues. We also believe that moms do like pretty things and trendy places to hang out although they have kids. We therefore aim to publish articles on the best child-friendly places and activities we can possibly find.

Our main focus still remains the Cape Winelands but more and more you will see other places being featured from other provinces as our list of contributors grow.

We hope that you will browse through The Stellenbosch Mom in the same way you would flip through the pages of your favourite magazine and discover amazing places to visit with your family.

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PS: If you are not a big reader (or do not have the time to read), simply scroll down to the bottom of an article for our child-friendly notes of a specific venue.



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